Happy Tails™ Accident and Illness Plans

Our plans offer comprehensive coverage for accidents and illnesses, including specified hereditary and congenital conditions, for your pets. As Pet Parents, you may receive up to 80% reimbursement of your vet bills.

Cover is effective immediately for accidents and 90 days after policy commencement for illnesses. Five specified hereditary and congenital conditions are subject to a 12-month waiting period.

Dog and Puppy Cover

Annual limits of up to HKD$19,250, HKD$41,250 and HKD$68,750 in 3 Plan options

The Dog and Puppy Plans cover surgical treatment arising from accidental injuries, illnesses, emergencies, and specified genetic conditions. Cover is available to over 200 breeds of dogs and puppies including mixed breed.

Optional Hip Dysplaxia plan is available to cover your dog & puppy’s needs

Cat and Kitten Cover

HKD$27,500 annual limit

The Cat and Kitten Plan covers surgical treatment arising from accidental injuries, illnesses, emergencies, and specified genetic conditions.


To be eligible for Happy Tails insurance, your dog or cat must:

  1. Be aged between 16 weeks and below 9 years old
  2. Be microchipped
  3. Have completed all required vaccinations
  4. Not be a working pet (e.g. involved in racing, law enforcements or, breeding, guarding or for other commercial duties)
  5. Not be used for breeding purposes
  6. Be clinically examined by a licensed vet prior or within 30 days from the start of the insurance cover

Common Terms Explained


As Pet Parents, we all know that vet bills can amount to astronomical figures. Happy Tails™ is to help cover the big bills. To keep Happy Tails™ affordable, pet parents co-share a portion of the claim. Co-insurance refers to the portion of a claim you bear.

We encourage Pet Parents to enroll your pet early between the age of sixteen (16) weeks to less than four (4) years to enjoy 80% Lifetime reimbursement for your pets. There are three (3) levels of Co-insurance with older pets aged seven (7) to below nine (9) years being covered at 60% reimbursement for life. Don’t wait, get an early head-start for your beloved dog and cat today!


A properly licensed and registered Veterinarian in active practice and excludes you, your parents, brother or sister, husband or wife, child or relative.

What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition means a condition that first occurred or showed clinical signs or symptoms (whether diagnosed or not) before your pet’s insurance starts and during the waiting period after the cover takes effect. Happy Tails™ does not cover pre-existing conditions. Such an exclusion is typical to most pet insurance providing health coverage.

What is not covered?

We are all about protecting your dog and cat from the unexpected and you from the financial strains of their surgical treatment. Our pet insurance plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, clinical examination for insurance enrolment, preventative care such as annual check-ups, vaccinations; spay/neuter procedures and teeth cleaning. For more information, see the complete list of exclusions here.

If your pet is not spayed or neutered, there is no cover for illness relating to prostate problems, hormonal skin conditions, perianal hernias, testicular tumours, mammary tumours, uterine and ovarian conditions.

Diagnostics, X-rays, Blood Works, Ultrasound, MRI

The costs of Diagnostic and imaging test are covered when this results in a medically necessary surgical procedure.

Common Pet Illnesses and Accidents

When we say cover pet illness or accident (except pre-existing conditions), it may not be obvious just how many things can happen to your dog or cat. Here are some common pet illness and accident shared from Pet Parents in Hong Kong.

Common Illnesses and Accidents for Dogs and Cats
Foreign Body Obstruction Keep an eye on what goes into your pet's mouth. If it's out, they may eat it, including bones, chew toys, corncobs, tennis balls and even sewing needles! Hopefully, whatever they can't digest will make its way out of their system, but if it doesn't, they'll need surgery to get it out and prevent injury to their internal organs.
Cruciate Ligament Tears (ACL Injury) This is a serious problem with a serious price tag to treat. Dogs with this injury will suddenly appear lame and generally won't put any weight on the injured leg.
Urinary Tract Infection This is a common problem for both cats and dogs. When this area gets infected your pet may have bloody urine, have to urinate frequently and may even have accidents around the house.
Patella Luxation Also known as a floating kneecap, this hereditary condition is common in small and toy breeds of dogs. This ailment happens when the kneecap won't stay in place, occasionally slipping or luxating. When this happens your dog may pick up its leg and yelp.

Pet Hereditary and Congenital Conditions

Hereditary and congenital conditions in dogs and cats can appear as early as birth, but problems often develop later in life. Your frisky and fancy-free dog or cat may develop a hereditary or congenital condition that is very expensive to treat.

Fortunately, Happy Tails™ offers protection for specified conditions for life as long as they are enrolled before six (6) years old. So while you focus on caring for your pet, we will take care of the treatment cost, saving you many thousands of dollars..

Hereditary/Congenital Conditions Average Cost(HKD)**
Elbow Dysplasia
Initial diagnostics, surgery (arthroscopy), pain medications, follow-up x-rays, and rehabilitation
$21,450 per elbow#
Cherry Eye (Entropion)
Corneal stains, medications, surgical correction
Intervetrebral disc disease (IVDD)
Initial x-rays and blood work, surgery, rehab and medications

**Treatment cost vary based on severity
^ Data from 2009

# Data from 2012

Pet Cancer

A Frightening Fact
Cancer can strike your pooch or little purry one at any age, although it is more common in older pets. Certain breeds of dogs and cats have higher rates of cancer than others. So, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about potential risk factors. And remember, early detection is the key to successful treatment and recovery.

You should only apply for Happy Tails if you decide that it is suitable for your risks and needs. Please seek quotes from an alternative market source should the product not be suitable to your risks and needs. This insurance is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited. The information contained herein is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy wording, a copy of which can be obtained here.
In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.

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